This page contains a selection of songs I have written for solo musical projects, theater, and film. 

The following songs are demos for a solo project called Alana for Breakfast. I am using some of these songs in a screenplay which will be my first feature film project. I provided all instruments and vocals for these demos.


This is a song I wrote and recorded for the play Stinky Flowers and the Bad Banana written by Croft Vaughn. The recorded song was a part of the stage performance. Croft wrote the lyrics, and I wrote the music. I provided vocals and played all instruments except drums. Drums are played by Tricia Mears. 


This song is the theme song for my short film, Imminent Danger!. I provided all vocals and instruments. I created all the music in the film.

These are a couple of other songs from Imminent Danger!.


I wrote these songs for my short film Existential Crisis. My idea with that film was to have all of the songs only consist of vocal tracks. I put some effects on the vocal tracks, but every sound is my voice. Below you can listen to the final version of the montage song in the film. Next is the song I used for the credits. That was the only song in the film for which I used instruments. 

Here are rough versions of two all vocal tracks that I created for the film but never used. 


My play Power Burn 3 included recorded videos during the live performance. The following are songs that I wrote and recorded for those videos. My inspiration for this music was the weird electronic music that is plays on workout videos. I tried to take that repetitive beat and false sense of motivation that comes with doing a workout video, and I then let the music make fun of itself.


The following are selections from my short film, Poo Done It?